Call For Supplies

We Are Inviting The General Public Through Our Accredited Agents To Submit Their Offer For The Supply Of General Products On The Areas of Health Sectors, Agricultural Input And More.

Products of Interest


The AFRICA PROJECTS COMMISSION Received Funds through Funds Allocation And Reputable, Responsible, Philanthropic Organization And Donors/Agencies For 2020/21 Year Projects. Which Includes: (a) Domestic/Foreign Loans, (b) Health Budgetary-Allocations Or Grants By Institutions; (c) UNDP/GEF-SGP, (d) AfDB/DFID, (g) Funds Allocation By Foreign Aid (h) USAID & UKSAID, (i) UNICEF Funding, (j) Revenue Received From The Economic Activity Of State Or Local Agencies Or Other Legal Persons In Public Law Financed From The Institutional Budget, (k) Metropolitan Assembly Budgets, District Assembly Budgets Or Foundations.

And Intends To Apply These Funds To Cover Payments For The Supply Of Various Products Required By The Mostly Hospitals, public and Private Sectors, Agro Companies And Non-Governmental Agencies, Through Africa Projects Commission.

Requirement: Suppliers Should Submit At Least Two Of The Following Intending Documents To The Supply Vetting/Evaluation Members Of AFRICA PROJECTS COMMISSION

  • A Brief Letter Expressing Their Interest To Supply The Said Product Through Supply Evaluation Members (SEM) Of The (AFRIPROJECTS) Headed By Dr. Dan Benson (Ph.D) As The Projects Director.
  • Quotation Or Performa Invoice Showing The Unit Cost And Total Supply Value Of Goods To Be Supplied By The Supplier On Their Company Letter Headed Paper.

Offer Submission

  • Your Quotation Invoice Can Be Submitted Directly To Any Of Our Email Address On The Contact Page Of This Websites.
  • Or Submitted Indirectly through Any of Our Accredited Agents, Whose Duties Are To Source The Supply Of The Said Products.
  • Quotation Invoices Sent Through Adobe Acrobat (PDF) or Jpeg Will Be Accepted As Original. But Not Later Than 24 Hours before the Closing Date


To: Dr. Dan Benson (Ph.D) Projects Director- Supply Vetting & Evaluation Members Africa Projects Commission

Address: 659 Peakk Lodge Ava E-Akufo Addo Road Takoradi, Western Region. Republic Of Ghana

Phone:+ 233557166387.


These Are The Procedures Before 80% Supply Payment Will Be Made Into Your Account.

  • Firstly, Your Company Will Receive An Email Directly From Us (As Our Regular Supplier) Or Through Any Of Our Accredited Agent Of (AFRIPROJECTS) With full Products Name, Details, Specifications and Other Supply Terms.
  • Supplier Will Prepare Their Quotation Invoice On Their Company Letter Heading Paper; Submit Them Directly To (AFRIPROJECTS) by Emails Or Through Our Agent Who Contacted Them.
  • The Offer will be Studied By (SEM) If The Offer Meets Our Submission Standard, AFRIPROJECTS Will Issue An Acknowledgement Letter With Customer And File Numbers Respectively As Confirmation Receipt of Such Offer.(In Some Cases Application Forms Will Be Attached) And THE Supplier Will Be Required To Respond The Letter By Providing An Agent Details Who Contacted Them.
  • Supply Evaluation Members (SEM) Will Carry Out Final Evaluations On THE Offer or Quotation Invoice. If A Particular Invoice Is Approved, AFRIPROJECTS Will Issue Such Company An Official Email Letter, Stamp Their Quotation Invoice Copy, Issued Supply Registration, Validation With Payment Forms. The Supplier Will Be Required To Fill THE Forms Correctly with Supplier’s Bank Account Details: Forwarded It To Their Agent For Registrations/Validation. The Agent Who Contacted The Supplier Is Automatically Their Agent For The Supply.
  • The Supplier Is Mandated And Subjected By Law To Register Their Firm As A Foreign Supplier in Ghana And Validates The Supply Order In Any Court Of Competent Jurisdiction.
  • Africa Projects Commission Will Inform The Supplier In Advance The Cost Of Firm/Products Registration And Order Validation Fees which will Be Attached with Supplier’s Copy Of Their Company’s Certificate Of Incorporation, Business Permit, Tax Receipt Copy, Tan No, ISO No: Pan No Or Product Quality Control Approval. (Note Only One Or Two Of The supply Order Mentioned) For The Registration and Validation Of The Depend on the Certification Filled On The Forms.
  • The Registration Receipt Will Be Issued, Mandating The Paying Bank To Transfer Your 80% Supply Payment Within Three Days. And Suppliers Bank Account Details Will Be Submitted Directly To The Paying Bank.
  • Your, 80% Of The Supply Valued Will Be Transfer Into Your Account To Enable You Start Your Production While The Balance Will Be Paid Before Shipment.
  • Production Will Be Expected And Delivery Is Scheduled Between Buyer And Seller.


  • The Following Categories Of Companies/Suppliers Are Mandated By Law For Company/Product Registrations And Validation: (a) Foreign Companies (b) (First Time Suppliers And (c) Non Indigenous Companies. (Our Regular And Previous Suppliers are Exempted From This Registration And Validations.
  • This Company/Product Registration And Validation In Ghana must be done Before Supply Payment will be made: (ONLY IF THEIR QUOTATION INVOICE IS Accepted And APPROVED)
  • The Registration/Validation Receipt Will Be Issued And The Paying Bank Will Be Mandated To Transfer Only 80% Supply Payment Within Three Days To The Suppliers Bank Account Immediately.
  • Your, 80% Of The Supply Valued Will Be Transfer Into Your Account To Enable Your Company Start Production While The Balance Will Be Paid Before Shipment.
  • Production Will Be Expected And Delivery According to the Terms and Scheduled Between Buyer And Seller.

NoteThat The Purpose Of These Company & Product Registrations/Validation Are To Protect The Country, Consumer And Environment Against An Importation Or The Use Of Substandard And Unregistered Products From Unauthorized Suppliers Or Company That Can Endanger Public Health And Environment (APPLICABLE FOR FOREIGN COMPANIES AND FIRST TIME SUPPLIERS) Our Previous And Regular Suppliers Are Exempted.


PRODUCT PACKAGING: According To Your Company Original Export Packaging.

SUPPLY TERM: Your Price Should Be On: CIF

SHIPMENT DESTINATION: Tema Harbour Seaport Republic Of Ghana

PAYMENT METHOD: Bank Wired Transfer (T.T) To Be Confirmed By Your Bank Before Production Start

PAYMENT TERMS: 80% Advance Down Payment To Start Production, While 20% Will Be Paid When The Product Is Ready For Shipment.

INSPECTION: SGS To Confirm Quantity At The port Of Lading: (Cost To Be Paid By The Buyer).

DELIVERY TIME: Maximum of 360 Days from The Date Of Initial Payment Or Received Payment.

CURRENCY: Invoice Official Currency Are: US Dollars Or Euro Only

COMPANY & PRODUCT REGISTRATION/ SUPPLY VALIDATION: Will Be Done By The Supplier, Through An Assistance Of Their Agent who contacted them, This Is Applicable To The Supplier Whose Quotation Invoice has been Accepted And Approved.

PARTIAL SUPPLY: Yes Is Accepted (One, Twice But Not More Than Three Shipments).

Supply Procedure

Quality Team

Quality Assurance