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“ Mandate ”

  • Strategic Planning
  • Coordination
  • Effective Program
  • Implementation Effectivenes
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism
  • Promoting Best Practices
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Resource Management
  • Market & Trade Development
  • Grassroot impactation

“Together for benefit.”

Africa Projects Commission will harmonize the process of evaluation in the public service to secure a judicious, economic, and efficient use of Public Funds to ensure that public evaluation is carried out in a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory manner while promoting a competitive Local Industry.

The Major Financial Donors Includes (a) Domestic/Foreign Loans, (b) Budgetary-Allocations Or Guaranteed By Institutions; (c) UNDP/GEF-SGP, (d) AfDB/DFID, (e) (Grants For project) (f) Funds From State Foreign Aid; (g) USAID & UKSAID, (h) UNICEF Funding, (i) Revenue Received From The Economic Activity Of State Or Local Agencies Or Other Legal Persons In Public Law Financed From The Institutional Budget, Metropolitan Assembly Budgets, District Assembly Budgets Or Foundations) and IMF, World Bank With Other Donor Agencies have signed MoUs amounting Over US$403.6 Million And Another Economic grant valued US$356.2 Million aimed at strengthening their strategic partnership in promoting regional stability, Supplies and boosting trade competitiveness in West Africa For The Next Five Years.

The New Agreement was signed at the ceremony on Thursday 5th November 2018. The Funds will be used judiciously to cover payment for the supplies on Health Related Areas, to Equip the Hospital, Maternities and Health Centers with Hospitals Products. which the Africa Integrated Projects will initiate and declared their intention to Procured from the Reliable, Verified & Evaluated Suppliers, Companies And Individuals who are ready to Supply The Products According To Contractual Procedures Provided By Africa Projects Commission and The Fund Donors, with our Get Involved Campaign.

These Amounts will be devoted to support efforts at promoting regional Trade to enhance the African Market Population of Over #553.6 Million People in African Sub-region is catered for.

The Heads of State and Government adopt the Community Development Programma (CDP), whose priority components and projects identified, contributed to sustain the medium and long-term development challenges of the region. In that regard, the Authority directs the Project to take appropriate measures to Procured the Products needed to implement the development programme.

The meeting was followed by given Honored to Four Accredited Agents for their excellent performance within the last Two Years, in Sourcing Suppliers/Companies who supplied Farming Equipment for the project to developed to help West African farmers which Valued at US$38.8 million, the supply project, to be completed by next year.


A world-class, efficient, transparent, accountable and professionally managed public sector evaluation system in Africa, which enjoys high level of business confidence, and ensures consistent attainment of best value for money in the evaluation of goods, works and services, in support of national development and fiscal policies. Contracts Awarded by The Africa Projects Commission is funded by the Corporate Bodies And Organization through the Millennium Challenge Corporation to achieve vision 2022 economic growth as one of Industrialized Nation in Africa.

Market and Trade development: – unfamiliar market in West Africa holds great opportunities and challenges. Market entry decisions made based on unreliable and not-up to-date market intelligence report can result to serious negative effect for a company. Africa Projects Commission have developed capability and network to provide effectives services in B2B international trade targeted to West-African markets such as South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana where economic growth is on increase, as well as China. We take into account our clients’ strengths, goals, and challenges.

Marketing consultancy: – the essence of any product is to generate good sales and revenue. Excellent sales requires excellent marketing plan. You believe in your product, while we believe in provision of efficient marketing schemes, Consumers Usage that can increase sales and revenue accordingly. We work hard to see that your belief and ours becomes an enduring reality.

Strategic Partnership: going into strategic partnership with us is a blue print plan to success and growth. We combine our expertise, know-how and resources with that of yours skillfully and effectively to achieve our common goal. It is cost effective and goal achieving oriented venture, because we base it on values such as integrity, trust, dedication, and respect for each other. We are totally committed to getting excellent results and improving capabilities essential for getting excellent results.

Resource management: our aim is to support you in strengthening your efficiency and sustainability. Through this service, your work load will be reduced. In addition, you will have more time, energy and resources, which you can channel into activities that drive your business to greater success. Moreover, we will constantly provide you with market information, analysis and projections to ensure that you are up to date with market developments in the target markets we work with and for you.

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